Why Go With Dulce Things

  • Everyone loves Ice Cream
  • Countless variety of flavors to choose from
  • Burn calories walking to the vintage Ice Cream truck
  • Create a lasting memory
  • Affordable alternative for a classy dessert
  • Be different
  • Hassle free
  • To-go dessert for those on the run
  • Classy way to end a celebration
  • Great way to force* your guests to mingle

Latest News


Rain, Cold, Go AWAY!

Houston weather has us hiding underneath our covers with comfort ice cream these days…w waiting for the sun to come back out folks…

MLK Junior Parade

So we participated in the MLK Junior parade yesterday and it was quite interesting… here’s to equality of all humans as we cohabit on this planet!

Happy New Year

And it’s 2017! Thankful to God for yet another year! Happy New Year folks… wishing you all the very best! Our 2017 calendar is exciting 🙂

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